Warsaw-Beijing Forum: Youth for Business is a project organized by the Students’ Organization for Law and Economy of China, established at the University of Warsaw. The aim of the project is to build a forum for dialogue and cooperation between students from Beijing, China and Warsaw, Poland. The project is divided into Polish and Chinese part, taking place in Warsaw and Beijing. The participants of the Warsaw-Beijing Forum are granted a great amount of specific knowledge and unique experience of being a part of the innovative platform of social and international dialogue for the benefit of Poland and China.

The purpose of the project is to develop entrepreneurial skills and cooperation between students from Poland and China. The Warsaw-Beijing Forum’s leading idea is Polish-Chinese cooperation, which involves not only the representatives of main companies and government, but also the students from the top universities of Poland and China. The second edition of the project focused on the creation of a platform for constant and productive dialogue between Chinese and Polish young professionals. The platform is designed to establish an environment for an exchange of ideas and dialogue concerning differences and similarities between Chinese and Polish aspects of managerial styles, administration challenges and law regulations. This essential knowledge will enable young professionals to succeed within the Polish and Chinese markets in the very near future. While promoting the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, Warsaw-Beijing Forum was also established to promote Poland in the People’s Republic of China and to overcome cultural and geographical barriers between the two countries. The purpose is to show the Polish culture and to boost the interest in Poland as a country worth seeing for its beauty, delicious cuisine, interesting touristic routes and interesting history.

The first part was held in Warsaw between 20th-27th of May 2015. Students from China University of Political Science and Law took part in lectures, workshops and meetings with Chinese companies who conduct business in Poland, Polish enterprises conducting business in China, global law firms, Polish Think- Tanks and economic institutions. The diversity of the meetings allowed the Chinese students to gain knowledge about Poland, its history, economy and legal system.

The second part was held in Beijing between 14th-21st of October 2015. Similarly, Polish students visiting Beijing had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about the economy, legal system and culture of the People’s Republic of China. They took part in lectures and workshops with their peers from Beijing.